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Things To Know Before Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is not as scary or painful as it looks, and its benefits exceed far longer than its scary look. However, if you are having second thoughts about getting cupped then, read a few important things about cupping therapy and make your mind up accordingly.



  1. It’s not as painful as it looks.

If you are fond of deep-tissue massage, the cupping therapy is definitely your cup of coffee. It will be a pain-free experience for you. However, you might have soreness in your tissue if you have stagnant tissues, but it will not last more than 24 hours. According to experts, to get the full benefits of cupping come in well hydrated.

  1. What do those marks represent?

Darker marks on the skin after cupping represent two different things. First, there might be low circulation of blood in that specific part of the skin or second higher levels of toxin in that area. Lighter marks on the body show the healthier body. However, darker marks can be due to various reason and not only denotes a sickness.

  1. You’ve got options.

There are two types of cupping, stagnant and dynamic cupping. The client can have any of the cuppings depending on his/her choice. However, it can also be suggested by the technician. Dynamic Cupping is most preferred for inflammation in extremities and face while for the recovery of tissues, stagnant cupping is preferred. The third type of cupping is “wet cupping” which includes forming small incisions in the body to let the toxic blood get out of the system, but this therapy is rarely used.

  1. How long will the marks stay?

Most of the people are worried about the marks which will be left after the cupping therapy. Different forms of therapy create different types of marks; the marks after dynamic cupping will be lighter and will stay for a day or two. While stagnant cupping will create darker marks and they will stay in the body for two days to a couple of weeks. When talking about the human body, nothing can be said for sure about the response of the human body.

  1. Time your therapy.

Even to the most professional athletes and sportsmen, it is necessary to time their cupping therapy. According to expert, it is necessary to give 24 hours relief from the workout before cupping therapy. Similarly, you’ll have to wait for 24 more hours to jump back to your workout routine.  Fitness experts also say that an average person should go to therapy at least once a month and if the person is a healthy freak, he should be going to the therapist more than once a month.

  1. It’s not only for the body.

Cupping therapy is also applied on the face to remove wrinkles and have smooth skin, it is known as facial cupping rejuvenation.

  1. It’s probably not for everyone.

It has also been suggested to consult your doctor before going for the therapy as it is healthy and refreshing some blood disorder or cancer might be aggravated due to it.

In the end, one should always confirm if the masseuse should be certified.


Wonderful Skin Cream For The Younger Looks

Shark Tank is a popular reality show which gives a platform to the entrepreneurs to attract the investors with their core concept and the products. Hosts of this TV show are called as Sharks who are known for the pragmatic offers and brutal advices. They thoroughly interview everyone who comes up with their product in the show so that the audience and the customers can know about the truth of the products. They ensure that only the genuine and high quality products are promoted on their show. Recently, Angela and Yoojin Kim, Korean Sisters, had come on this show with their miracle skin care cream. They wanted to raise $2.5 million from the investors on this show to take their business globally. They consider their product as a miracle skin care product which is helpful in getting flawless skin by reducing the wrinkles and signs of aging.

Product for slow down your aging

Shark tank team was really impressed with the anti aging skin care product by Korean sisters that they gave them an offer for 25% of $2.5 million to help them to grow their business internationally. After getting such a huge amount from Shark Tank and raising funds from the other reliable sources, the Korean Sisters have got success in launching their product in the global market. Their miracle skin care cream is launched with the name Amore Skin. In their range of anti aging products, they offer anti aging skin cream and eye serum. These two products are helpful in getting the smooth and wrinkle free skin. Eye care serum is effective on dark circles, puffiness of the eyes, eye bag and fine lines around the eyes.  There are lots of customers who watch this show and get impressed with the Shark tank miracle cream by the Korean sisters.

Ingredients that are the foundation of youth

Korean sisters revealed that their anti aging skin care cream consists of only the natural ingredients which are completely safe for the skin. No matter whether your skin is normal, dry or oily, you can use their products for getting the youth like skin. In order to get the best results, the anti aging cream is needed to be applied at night so that it can work overnight on your skin. The ingredients used by the Korean Sisters in the miracle cream include the extracts from the flowers, leaves, reef and seeds. For treating the wrinkles and fine lines, their skin care products include the ingredients which are helpful in boosting the collagen level in the skin. Collagen is the natural ingredient which is helpful in repairing the damaged skin cells and eliminating the dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin. Thus, it promotes the formation of new skin which gives younger looks.

Buy the wonderful skin care products

All the products promoted on Shark tank are easily available in the local market and on online stores.  Thus, the customers will not have to face any sort of inconvenience in buying the Anti aging skin care product by the Korean sisters. You can check the official website of Amore skin to buy the wonderful anti aging products for your skin.